Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hi Touch, I've been visiting your blog from the start and I really do enjoy it. I think you do a great job showcasing great models and generally sexy guys, however I have a concern.
My concern is when you first started the blog you had a tagline that stated you would show case men of all shapes,sizes and colors, and I honestly haven't seen much variety lately. I am not complaining, but I see mostly black guys and buff guys, I feel that the variety that you started out with has not been consistent and I wanted to know would you consider bringing it back? I do really enjoy your blog. -Cade

Hello Cade, thanks for taking time to reach out to me. You are correct that was my tagline, and it remains the foundation of this blog. The blog is however starting to focus more on models, but I still will showcase candids and regular people. I can recognize your concern, while I don't feel I have drifted away from showcasing variety, I can see where some of the posts seem to contain the same theme as of late. To be honest, I have been extremely busy and I have TONS of pics in my arsenal, and it is a real challenge completing a diverse layout every post.What I will do is work more diligently to provide variety as I did in the past, I really do appreciate your continued support, thank you!- Touch