Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello my friends, I have been bombarded with e-mails regarding copyright infringement.
The posts have been pulled, by blogger, without warning. I was told that I could edit the post
and remove the the "copyrighted" photo, however I can't do that because they were photodumps
and the specific picture was NOT identified. I can't edit with NO information.
This has been why the updates have NOT been happening... I am kinda of over it. This blog, is actually close to its 1 year anniversary, I love this blog, proud of its growth. proud of the quality I tried to provide. But I am really startingto get sick of the B.S. of this copyrighted shit. Let me explain something to whomever has the complaint or future complaints. 

1. GROW THE FUCK UP, its your picture on a fucking blog, celebrating YOUR DUMB ASS, sorry I didn't know that you had to be part of the cool crowd to think that your attractive, I didn't know that when YOU had your photo taken, then published somewhere, you weren't expecting OTHER people to see it. how fucking silly of me.

2. FUCK YOU and your threats, I don't like threats of any kind, its NOT needed, Its UNCALLED for, you or whom ever could have followed the link to E-MAIL me FIRST, since YOU took the time to GO through the post to find your FUNKY ass pic or pictures, you could have grown some hair on your nuts and e-mailed me.

3.YOUR. NOT. A. FUCKING. STAR! best case scenario, your attractive, that is why your picture was chosen, or sent to me by a admirer of yours. BUT...DON'T BE DELAYED...your NOT DWAYNE "ROCK" JOHNSON, YOUR NOT TYSON BECKFORD...your NOT a star, see if you were you would be appreciative of the exposure, you would have EMAILED me to give some BIO information/background info, to further your "career", but i guess since its just a BLOG, that it don't matter...well whomever your are...do your research to see the relevance regarding blogs and bloggers.

4. ASSHOLE, please understand that if YOUR pic is on the internet on 1 site - even the site that had permission - then....wait for it...ITS ON MANY, MANY MORE FUCKING SITES... i know weird right? So since you throwing tantrums about having your photos on a blog....then you should get busy and find the rest of your photos

5.PISSY, do you think that I actually make money from this blog? do you see a fucking AD or Donate button ANYWHERE? did you think I was making tons off YOUR image? NO, but ya know what maybe I should invoice you, for you giving you some shine. 

6. Finally, PLEASE PLEASE do me a favor and Identify yourself, so I may KNOW who you are so I can AVOID ever laying eyes on your photo shopped mug AGAIN...I mean since only certain people can "admire" you.

Let me apologize to my readers, whom have never read anything with me getting out of pocket, 
that is truly not my normal, I just felt the need to express myself on MY blog, MY way, using MY words...
since I can't seem to do any other way without being threatened. I am, at this present time have not decided if I am going to close the blog, I will take a few days and return with my decision, It may not matter to some because of the MANY great blogs out there to go to, but to my loyal readers I just wanted to give let you know.


Ian said...[Reply]

I hope you will continue with the blog Touch. This is one of my favorite spots. Don't one negative asshole derail you from the excellent job you've been doing.

I feel you on this. I remember when I had Chocolate and Salsa going and the occasional complaints...it gets tiring, but I know the readers all appreciate your hard work and devotion bruh. Stay onwards and upwards!


mackson said...[Reply]

Keep doing your thang.I still do not understand why a person would not want their images appreciated on another platform.Especially a platform designed with in such a respectful manner as The Masculine Perspective.Maybe if this were ablog craeted by a woman then thre might not be such an uproar and tantrums by these "nobodies"...All you can do is just delete the pictures and move on.Believe man there are tons of beautiful men who would love to be featured on your blog.

Gay Tagide said...[Reply]

Sometimes the people can be such a pain in the ass.

Like we say " if u don't be a wolf, don't wear his skin".

Such a drama queens, they put the pictures in the internet to we don't see it and share it? What a babies...

Anonymous said...[Reply]

This is the same shit that is happending every where man. Listen, if you have to pull this blog man, so be it. You do this from your own heart, space and time. And obviously the ones reporting it are "closet queens" who don't want to be associated with a "gay blog", however they are the same ones on adam4adam or men4now or bgc posting pics of their dicks and asses. Men are such bitch ass punks (this is why I am and will continue to stay single). They act worse then fucking women ever would. Take it light man.

Better you than me man cause I am not above "Exposure" and would tell they fuckin gay ass tea quicker than RuPaul can say "you better work bitch".

poeticmuse said...[Reply]

I'm sorry that you had to go through this. This is one of my favorite and most frequented sites. People tend to always makes issues for others unnecessarily. If whomever this is was able to complain, they should have had to release informations about themselves such as their identity and what photo was used to prove copyright infringement. However, thats just someone bitter seeking to create havoc in your world. I know this may be easier said then done, but please consider keeping the site up and running and continue posting these beautiful pictures of beautiful male figures. Maybe there can be a process established for pictures being posted to insure that you never have to experience this again.

David Dust said...[Reply]

Pa-REACH, Touch!!!!

Yeah ... that's pretty damn ridic that they would go through all the damn trouble to go through Blogger, and not just email you directly.

I would hate for you to abandon this blog - but there are other blogging platforms out there. Including, as you know, tumblr. Whatever you do - please don't give up blogging totally just because of some shady closet queen.


blackmorpheusfau said...[Reply]

Touch, I am kinda new to your site but I will tell you that I can't wait to see the treats you have for my eyes and hope you do continue to do so. I really enjoy the pics and would be sad if you didn't keep doing such an excellent job man. Folks will always have foolish things to say and do but they do not control your intentions and that is what matters. You share your visions of Male sexiness and I for one truly appreciate it man mos def.

Deron said...[Reply]

i couldnt have said it better!!
they need to get over they muther fuckin self.........like you said,they aint no muther fuckin star!
and i damn sho aint seen none of these niggas on no billbords or mags.
just be happy sumbody lookin at thay

thegayte-keeper said...[Reply]