What the hell you say? a Purple what?....

Friday, February 18, 2011

Ok, so...I Had NO earthly Idea, that the a derogatory term for Black Men and/ or their penises was...

I am kinda of floored!, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I was visiting some sites, and 
I like to read the comments, just to see the mindset of some the people, and what I've read
especially when a white woman was dating a black man, or having sex, or whatever the relationship
they would say "ew, I would never f*ck with a purple crayon!"
or, " thats what she gets, sleeping with a purple crayon..."

I tell you racism is a disgusting disease, in any form, not just white/black, but any color...
any race and gender. But that is another topic... so did anyone else know about this?
how late am i? lol


Maurice said...[Reply]

Wtf im just as late I cnt believe ppl sy tht ive seen sme pics of sme lke tht but mine is far frm prple

HTC TOUCH said...[Reply]

I feel the same way...mine is more chocolate than purple LOL!

Ian said...[Reply]

That's some bullshit! I've never heard of the term before either. Thanks for the information Touch...

Lore said...[Reply]

So...Purple Crayon is the best in the world! Love them purple chocolate black brown whatever...I love them!

Tyga said...[Reply]

OMG! Some white guys have purple crayons too.

Gummi Bare said...[Reply]

Pink Crayons