Thursday, May 26, 2011

First I want to say RIP to Maurice Murrell, I didn't know him or anything about him, but I do know his beautiful face. and I am always sorry for the loss of a life. But this post  is about the disrespect, and the fear inducing shade by Blogger Sandra Rose.  She used a "tribute" post to throw a  subtle but disrespectful Jab a the male gay community.  peep the screen shot of Sandra Roses post:

did you catch that shit... yea well Sandra Rose , a lesbian has never restrained from taking mean and disgusting shots at the BLACK MALE community especially the Black Gay Male . She constantly reports and warns her readers about the dangers of gay men, while leaving the lesbians out of the line of fire.  Fanning the flames of hysteria among her mostly homophobic readers, who uses disgusting phrases to describe gay men. It pisses me off that someone...anyone could be so callus in regards to someones life, she has NO fucking idea how this man passed away...and JUST because he was gay doesn't AUTOMATICALLY mean he passed away from HIV. Its arrogant, narcissistic, ignorant piece of shit who would even IMPLY, its very fucking irresponsible. The other day I was FB, and I seen a brotha attempt to expose another by claiming he was "sick" and spouting some disrespectful shit for DAYS on his page, I deleted him, who does that?...because he mad? really? thats what a GROWN fucking man does?  NO. let me say this to ANYONE in the gay community.  Even if you DON'T like someone, I mean really can't stand them, don't you ever fucking use HIV as a shock factor to get a rise out of someone or to smear their name. Its FAR from acceptable. The community, especially the black male gay community have stories of hurt and pain, simply because the black community as whole, have taught us how wrong and disgusting we are, remember that,  You don't have to be all loving and shit, cause there are some bitches I can't stand...however I would NEVER disrespect someone by using HIV as a weapon. HIV is NOT a joke, and it is NOT exclusive to the Male Gay community...it NEVER was.  One, we as a gay men need to STOP using HIV as weapon, then hopefully the rest of the world will follow.  While I hate the way that ignorant, self righteous bitch went about saying it, I agree somewhat, so let me say this...rap it up EVERYONE, gay, straight whatever... rap it the fuck up...EVERYONE...thas my new slogan, cause gays ain't the only ones fuckin....say it with me.. wrap it the FUCK UP...EVERYONE.


CuBan0 said...[Reply]

Man...this is so sad...Rest In Peace!

mackson said...[Reply]

You know what is so terribly insane is this is a GAY/Lesbian person.Why don't lesbians understand that we are all a part of the same-gender loving family.There are just as many people who are disgusted by woman/woman relationships as there are that are disgusted by man/man relationships.Mrs. Rose needs to understand that death will come to ALL of us one day.And we need to be careful about what we say about a loss of life,especially when we did not know that person.She would not like it if someone who didn't know her said untue and unfounded things about her if she were to leave this earth so why do that to someone who has passed on.The assumption that when a gay man dies that he died from HIV/AIDS is ignorance at its fullest.This epidemic affects ALL OF US.....She needs to be careful because this man was loved by MANY.....She needs to watch what she syas before she ends of getting hurt.Not a threat just a reality.WRAP IT UP EVERYONE....We need to make T-shirts with that emblazoned on them to get that message across.....Muah Touch

blackmorpheusfau said...[Reply]

I read about this on another blog and I am very sad to hear about a sexy young black man gone too soon. I will say a prayer for his family.

HTC TOUCH said...[Reply]

@macksonWell said, I am so sick of this chick its not even funny

Mechadude2001 said...[Reply]

I never visit her site. And now I never will.
R.I.P. Murrell

thegayte-keeper said...[Reply]

Who is she?