Saturday, March 19, 2011

Um, I sent you my pics a while ago to be featured on your blog. You haven't posted them yet. I guess that 
means you don't like my them, well I don't care, Your blog is shit anyway. you don't have many readers   anyway,  So you did me a favor. I  guess you you think your blog is the shit, so you can just dis people. 
Well  it ain't there are a MILLION LEGITIMATE sites that will showcase models and reach more than just
gay men, so remember that. Why haven't you ever posted your own pic? Because I bet your ugly as a motha fucka. I am going to tell everyone NOT to visit  or participate in your bootleg ass blog. So FUCK YOU! You won't be around much longer asshole! 
                                                                     -Name With held.
Wow, I have gotten a few angry emails before, but mostly regarding posting of pics.(that I removed upon  request). First let me say that I have been receiving lots of submissions as of late, and I am appreciative for each one, that being said, I clearly posted that NOT EVERY submission would be accepted. I try my best to post only quality for my, as you put it "few readers". Now to you personally, you didn't give me any info on when you sent your pics, your name and you sent an email from one of those email generator things, so I can't even search for your email to see if I even received it. Secondly There are a million other sites, but they are not my concern, this one is. Furthermore, I have all kinds of readers, from gay, straight, women and haters, and its all good. Oh and yes I have posted my own pic a candid...left clues too! so when you figure out who I am, then I'll let you judge my looks. Lastly, I'm sorry that you feel slighted, which is NEVER my intention, I try to be respectful and accommodating as I can be, but at the end of the day...this is MY blog, my time, and effort so please feel free not to visit or participate, that is YOUR time and YOUR choice, and who knows how far this blog will go? I don't know, I am just going to have fun while its here. Take care, good luck to you and sorry that your bitter...
                                                                     Sincerely, Touch 


Anonymous said...[Reply]

LOL wow he is really pressed about it ain't he lol

Anonymous said...[Reply]

All I have to say is, if you're gonna be a hoodbooger and send hate mail, please make sure you have more than a third grade education, lol... I got a headache just trying to comprehend what he was saying. Touch continue doing the great job you're doing with this blog, he was wrong in saying this blog is shit, what he should have said was this blog IS the shit.... cause damnit I love it!!!!!!

Dredz said...[Reply]

WOW was it really that serious?!?!?! they didn't even find out why u didn't use the pics, shyt didn't even tell u who they were, shyt did u even get the pics??? lol oh well...u do a great job Touch!!!!

MommyILikeBoys said...[Reply]

Touch, if you hadn't amassed any haters by now, you were doing something wrong. Haters really show up during promising times or in good work (or both). So, congratulations on the haters because they are proof positive of your ascension but many more congratulations on this classy, uplifting, vibrant and respectful blog. My Judys and I thoroughly enjoy

CuBan0 said...[Reply]

LMAO! Don't worry, he will still visit your blog daily, ha

Twisted Wing said...[Reply]

Touch... just wanted commend you on your response. You took a high road and didnt go for the easy insult... instead, you were CLASSY and represented yourself well. #highscore ;)

thegayte-keeper said...[Reply]


David Dust said...[Reply]

Dearest Touch -

I have to agree with Twisted Wing - you did take the high road and you should be praised for that.

Personally, I wouldn't have been able to remain classy - as you did. I'm sure my response would have contained one or more of the following words/phrases:

Fuckweasel, Douchenozzle, Stupid Twat, Shut Your Fucking Face Uncle-Fucker, Booger-Pickin' Moron, and Inbred.

Keep it classy, Touch!!!


Anonymous said...[Reply]

he ain't use the pics because he was a useless ugly vogueing queen probably with painted fingernails and thought she was sitting. She was a fugly cock in a frock on a rock. end of story

Tyga said...[Reply]

Which pic is yours Touch? I might have missed it.

blackmorpheusfau said...[Reply]

Touch I am fairly new to your blog but I LOVE it so your doing right by me and please continue. I was shocked to read that and don't know if I could have been so classy with my response.