Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here at The Masculine Perspective, we are happy to introduce our first Photographer feature! As  a Photo-blog, its hard to be recognized as a legitimate platform of promotion from some photographers, so it appreciated to have a great photographer to allow access to their work! With that said, here is our feature:


As Northern CA based published freelance poet, photographer/ businessman,Cavenaugh has over 18 yrs experience focusing on lifestyle modeling using real brothers and sisters in natural settings, natural lighting. Both digital and film cameras are used based on shoot. Cavenaugh believes in shooting with purpose, not to just do a tfcd, he says  "Life is about doing and realizing our gifts which are many".

 Having self published over 20 photography and poetry books, Cavenaugh has more to come focusing on the natural sex appeal men and women of color using natural lighting and no photoshop

Cavenaugh says "Don't fall prey to dream killers otherwise you're not living your dreams"

 99% of the models for Cavenaugh Photography had never
 been photographed nor consider themselves models, as an experienced photographer 
he believes in taking any brother from any area as long as there's body and face to capture a over the top look or sexiness...

 Color is forever, sexy, vibrant, picturesque, masculine no matter the shade, 
We are COLOR.

Cavenaugh Photography is casting for NEW models!!!
Right now, casting for last 9 slots of Men of Color Vol9 slated for release late spring/ early summer! 
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Anonymous said...[Reply]

Cavanaugh always be photographing sexy men.

Dredz said...[Reply]

great stuff!!!

Mechadude2001 said...[Reply]

That dude sitting in the window, with the curly hair. That shot is the sexiest.

thegayte-keeper said...[Reply]