PERSONAL FAV: LL BURRELL by photographer Sean Gomes

Monday, March 21, 2011

Completely judging a book by its cover, but he may be not so receptive to the
admiration from other men, but I can't help it...I think he is just gorgeous.
so..sorry LL!


mightabeenking said...[Reply]

and i understand because i always feel awkward and uncomfortable when females come on to me...lmao

CuBan0 said...[Reply]

Nice thickness

Mechadude2001 said...[Reply]

omg, i need to see more of his legs and ass.

Ian said...[Reply]

Why so many "no's"? He's gotta sour look on his face, but nice body. Not bad.

tmoney said...[Reply]

This dude is all over the internet so he has to know that he has male admirers, although I think I did see something on youtube about him being only for the ladies, yeah whatever, when you put this much time to look good be happy whoever admires you. I got to give him his props, he is nice piece of eye candy.

vabrotha1 said...[Reply]

Yeah I've seen his YouTube channel and he does like the ladies, but there's no harm in admiring him right? He is gorgeous... I'm with Mecha, I want to see more legs and ass... matter of fact I want to see more of the front too, lol

Anonymous said...[Reply]

yes he is a contender

London said...[Reply]