Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meet Andre, originally from Philly, lived in Atlanta for 4 years, in which he describes as bittersweet (I understand!) Andre now lives in Brooklyn, NY and is very excited that he will be turning 29 next month! ( Happy Birthday!) I decided to post Andre, besides that fact that I think he is stunning, with great, great LIPS and beautiful eyes, but he also accomplished his goal of losing 60 pounds, to reveal a beautiful dark chocolate, sculpted physique! He says that is a struggle to keep it down, but stays on his grind because of the work he put in and how good he feels. I am proud of you Andre, hopefully my readers who need it will get inspiration from you. Thanks for your submission and keep us updated with whats going with you! 

                             Before                                             After


Anonymous said...[Reply]


Anonymous said...[Reply]

my compliments to him for doing his thing

vabrotha1 said...[Reply]

Looking good... keep up the good work!

CuBan0 said...[Reply]

Nice toned body

tmoney said...[Reply]

Big ups to you man, keep up the hard work you are looking good and you are a inspiration

mackson said...[Reply]

Applause,Applause...This blog entry is SOOOO REVELANT.It is a real factor....Love it....

Twisted Wing said...[Reply]

i had no idea that was HIS before-n-after. WOW... very impressive.

atlarcangel79 said...[Reply]

TITE work homie...congrats!

*can i get a better look @ those tattz...N!CE.*

mel said...[Reply]

I need to find his trainer. He shaped up