Friday, March 4, 2011



Dredz said...[Reply]

WHAT?!?!??!!! glad i came back, WOW CHRIS!!!!!

HTC TOUCH said...[Reply]

I know right!!! can you fucking believe it!!!

Tyga said...[Reply]

That ain't really Chris.

TOUCH said...[Reply]

@ Tyga, yes babe it is!!!

Tyga said...[Reply]

I retract my statement. I needed to see the whole. I needed to see a better shot. I just saw the video on world star. I thought it would be thicker. Still pretty nice.

MommyILikeBoys said...[Reply]

i'm actually a bit let down. nice length but it's soooo skinny. i need girth... can't please all the ppl all the time i guess...wonder if he knows how to use it said...[Reply]


Mr. Bare said...[Reply]

I've added you to my blog list. I was trying to go through all the pics, but wow. It was an overload.

I promise I want comment on so many next time around. :)

Great page.

Gummi Bare

mightabeenking said...[Reply]

mmph mmph mmph. i could do some filthy things with and to that lil' boy. smdh

Anonymous said...[Reply]

@MommyILikeBoys yes!...
that scares me a little but i'd get over it though and maybe, just maybe it's like a real sausage - plumps when it heats up ...

Anonymous said...[Reply]

haha @HTC You couldn't wait to post this could you lol (I posted it on my tumblr too) and FYI he ain't even hard yet so imagine when he get hard it may get thicker. Trust and belive

HTC TOUCH said...[Reply]

You know I couldn't! I don't much care about peen lol, i really did want to see them cakes LOL, but I think that he gets plump very nicely lol, cause its nice on soft lol

thegayte-keeper said...[Reply]


tmoney said...[Reply]

Come on Trey Songz and Nelly we need yall to get on the bandwagon. So glad the men are stepping up to the plate.

willbstone said...[Reply]

I could not take seeing my boyfriend Nelly naked. I would go into full cardiac arrest, lol.