Thursday, March 3, 2011

I know, its weird, I kinda watched this kid grow up. But now he is a man, and a FINE one at that.
I am too fucking excited that he will be on dancing with the stars...
I PRAY for some TIGHT pants action!... don't judge me! LMAO!


Tyga said...[Reply]

Yes romeo he grew up to really good looking.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

He's growing up and handsome but he just don't do a thing 4 me

Anonymous said...[Reply]

U know after looking at those pics again I just had a change of heart.

Dredz said...[Reply]

such a handsome dude!!!!

mackson said...[Reply]

Well call me weird 2...because I knew that he was going to grow up a handsome little dude...Pretty mofo...There are alot of these young dudes who have grown up and look good...Anoter example is Michael J Pagan....he played Quincy in that movie How Stella Got her Groove back...Yummy as fuck...

MommyILikeBoys said...[Reply]

no judgement at all! i thought it was just me... it's like as soon as he went to college, he got fine, his swag increased and he became a fly and kind young man. he makes me swoon for real ... i even overlook his height Lol

http://barecave2.blogspot.com/ said...[Reply]

not bad.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

OMG. I love him too. he is SUPER sexy to me. who knew cutie lil' romeo would grow up to be suave, confident, secure Romeo???-ME! LoL and baby got back AND piece - it's a wrap!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

random funny story - he's the reason i wound up coming out to my twin sis. i def let it slip i thought he was cute a couple years back ... and now we realize we have sooooo much in common LMAO

thegayte-keeper said...[Reply]

He filled out rather nice!