Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In this video, Mr. Cee's alleged TRICK recounts -gleefully- the exploits of whoredom, and tries to convince us that they have morals and concerns for their saying "I use condoms, I am not gonna put my life at risk for $100.00."  Then starts to talk about what his parents taught him.  mentioning  their parents didn't raise them that way...Then ANOTHER or Mr Cee's alleged lovers say that their intent was to ROB him? The Interviewer tries to get info by FORCING the issue, putting words into the mouth of  the TRICKS.  Please understand when he said this...I had to stop the video, cause I really couldn't believe what I was hearing. Listen I would think as a trick in NYC your concerns should be about NOT getting your ASS KILLED by getting into cars with STRANGERS and giving head to someone who could MURDER you when your done...or get you in the car and MURDER you because you are GAY.

Please GAY folks of ALL age, try to carry yourself with some type of respect, and morals. Life is not all about Clubs, houses, clothes, Lil' Kim/ Nicki Minaj, reading, sucking trade dick or getting fucked or fucking. Its MORE to life!!! GAYS esp Black gay men will continually have a difficult time being seen as anything other than sex crazed, stunting deviants if we continue to support this type of behavior through SILENCE. Be the mentor that some young gays NEVER had or NEED. We as gays as MEN are BETTER than what we are being portrayed as. It can't get better, if we don't demand better from our own community. This video made me sick...


Anonymous said...[Reply]

he sounded like boo boo the fewl!

Brandon said...[Reply]

Please tell me this is a joke. I hope that this dude gets a clue as to how he REALLY looks and that other gay kids learn to better represent themselves and our community.