Saturday, February 19, 2011

I ran across this video on you tube, from 
No more Down Low TV, its a video 
showing black males, in same sex relationships, in the open...
in 1900's. In the video a man has been collecting these pics, 
that were purposely omitted from history that have been   
NEVER been included in history channel or text, anything.
these  photos show that black males, not just gay black males (not all pics are gay)
 but black males have a history 
of SHOWING affection towards one another (which is most often taboo,well for me it was)
Check the video out, I loved it. I also am posting the link to the flickr blog, so you can see this
phenomenal piece of history.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

While I don't believe that all those pictures are romantic I do believe that some of them are and I think its a great find. Thanks for Sharing

HTC TOUCH said...[Reply]

yes I agree, I doubt that they are all romantic, but it is nice to see the know that showing affection was not always so taboo.

Juspressplay said...[Reply]

amazing and powerful and i agree with ckshort, all of them i don't think was in a romantic context

Twisted Wing said...[Reply]

Agreed.. not all the pics are romantic.. BUT still so good to see brothers-with-brothers thru the ages.

Tyga said...[Reply]

It must have been something to be gay back then.