Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sorry in advance to my occasional  "Anonymous" viewers who comment. I appreciate your visit and your comments, yall know I LOVE comments. BUT what I do NOT like, is one particular Anonymous poster who goes thru every single post, and comments the SAME EXACT thing for EVERY SINGLE post...I get notified with every comment that is posted, just in case I need to handle something asap... SO its annoying... so damn annoying to get notified and read the same gotdamn thing... so for that reason I will be turning off  anonymous posting until I can find a better solution. I realize this may not stop the spamming, but If whomever is doing it continues, at least Ill have an Idea of who it is, so I can ask them NOT to copy and paste the same comment. I apologize, and please all of my viewers please continue to comment, I LOVE your feedback.

Thank You