Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! In 2011 The Masculine Perspective has goals! I am very excited to embark on the journey! So for the new year here are some changes:
1. No more than 3or 4 photo posts, nothing worse than overload
2. Due to my hectic schedule, I probably won't post every day (sorry)
3. Improved post tagging
4. Smaller pictures for better mobile viewing, but when clicked will be LARGER!
6. More themed posts, so any ideas please email me!
7. Movie downloads links for my loyal readers/commenters!

More changes are sure to come, however those are all I could think of at the moment,
now for the goals!!
1. More reader participation
2. More movie downloads
3  Improved content
4. Music Downloads!
5. Better user experience
6. GROWTH!!! we want to grow more in 2011, so please encourage your friends to join!

As always Thank You! Much, MUCH LOVE!


Mechadude2001 said...[Reply]

I love the Movie Downloads. And music is a great idea too.
I'm going to cut back on my photo post too. Instead of 3 a day, i'll restrict it to One or Two post a day, starting in Feb.

Love your site.

TOUCH said...[Reply]

Thank you so much! Of course I adore your site as well! I didn't realize you did 3 a day! I feel like a slacker LOL!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

i liked it the way it was i hate change

TOUCH said...[Reply]

@ Anonymous, sorry that you feel that way. hopefully in time you will grow to love the change. As things evolve, hopefully they get better. Your feedback is valuable so please share what you are not particularly happy with...I welcome suggestions and participation.
Take care and GOD Bless

Twisted Wing said...[Reply]

Loving the new look and the commitment to improving the site-- way to start the New Year :)

TOUCH said...[Reply]

@ Twisted, thank you that means alot!