Thursday, February 17, 2011


Most Blay gay men are labeled, Stunt queens, Label chasing, Catty,Grandstanding posers...mostly withing in the gay community. So after watching the clip below, I was not surprised to see the aforementioned subjects touched upon.The question comes, if this show is picked up...will it do more harm than good, for the black gay community?


Juspressplay said...[Reply]

Seems more like a negative image of gay men, nothing new to the massses, if they were well known already and contribute to the community besides clubbing , we would might see a breed of black gay men that is not depicted in media

HTC TOUCH said...[Reply]

I'd have to agree with you. It feels like they highlight flossing, clubbing and throwing "shade" I'm interested in seeing what the positive side is...if there is any...

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Meh I know 1 or 2 of them and they are nothing like they are portraying so with that being said this is acting, this ain't Tha Life and it certainly ain't my life.

george said...[Reply]

I know a couple of the dudes as well. And let me tell you, neither of them is worthy of being seen as the representation of the movers and shakers of ANY town, let alone the ATL. This seems just like the A-List: bunch of hope-to-be's putting on for the cameras. A show LIKE this would be nice. But get rid of the booty-looking, cocky-for-no-reason, lying ass flossers.